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Tis the season for... working from home! Due to the effects of COVID-19, many have transitioned to working from home full-time. For this reason, we have had the opportunity to design some amazing home offices for our clients. I truly believe that having a clean, organized, & dedicated work space helps increase productivity, uplifts your mood, and brings that necessary separation (even if it is the next room over.) This office was from a recent full service project that we had the pleasure of completing. Come on in and take a look!

(Before photo from the beginning of the project.)

Lighting and window treatments tend to come first when setting the tone for the room. We opted to use this round chandelier that tied in perfectly with the dark built-ins. The drapes are the tailored pleat drapes in linen blend, Ash fabric from The Shade Store. Hanging them just below the ceiling is a trick that helps elongate the room even further. For the smaller window, we selected a simple roller shade to keep things functional.

We LOVE a good set of built-ins, especially in an office. The key is to balance the scale, texture, and tones when it comes time to styling them. Using a pair of baskets at the base will help anchor the shelves. I feel like a broken record sometimes, because I keep recommending this Samsung TV that doubles as artwork when not in use. It's the perfect solution to the ugly tv dilemma. A fun function is that you can change the setting on the artwork to a different theme when you are ready for a refresh. How great is that?

Home office design with wool rug, light-stained desk, artwork and dark built-ins by Laura Design and Co, Dallas interior designer

With there being a wall of dark built-ins, we knew we needed to keep the desk a lighter-toned wood. Once again, it's all about balance. For the desk top, we like to keep it clean and simple. A planter with fresh flowers goes a long way and helps to bring some life to the work space! You can shop the white vase here.

We hope you've enjoyed the photo tour of the Ludlum home office! Stay tuned for one more post from this project coming to the blog soon. To see the Ludlum living room reveal, click here.


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