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Today we are revealing the living room of our recent full-service Ludlum project. Complete with a blend of both warm & cool colors, tall, styled bookshelves, and various textiles, this room quickly became a favorite from this project. Scroll through to see the photo tour and read all about it!

First off, we grounded the rug with a large 12x15 hand knotted, vintage-inspired rug. Any rug that has a higher percentage of wool will be a much better quality rug that will last for years and years. We always use a good rug pad as well to help preserve the rug and provide some extra cushion under your feet. Click here for the rug.

This rug has just a touch a blue to it, and an overall warm color palette to help balance the cool gray, wood floors. We used leather accent chairs to tie in with the brown colors in the rug.

These sofas. They are custom and took a total of four months to be constructed and delivered because of covid-related delays. Believe it or not, we actually installed them in the morning right before heading to CA, but wanted to get them in for our clients! I was so thrilled to see how beautiful they were in person and thought them well worth the wait. The larger of the two has a very structured silhouette with a gray-washed wood base. The other love seat is a neutral velvet fabric with brass legs that is just the dreamiest.

Because the kitchen opens up to the living room, we wanted the view looking in to be really special. We went with this stunning console table that has a brass top to it. For the styling, we mixed in various elements that tied in with the rest of the room. The Erin lamp on the side table is an LDCO favorite! We have used it in more than one project! You can shop the floor lamp here.

I highly recommend the Samsung TV that doubles as artwork when not in use. It's the perfect solution to the tv over the fireplace dilemma. A fun function is that you can change the setting on the artwork to a different theme when you are ready for a refresh. How great is that?

From the beginning, I knew I wanted to incorporate this oversized ottoman in place of a traditional coffee table. It is constructed out of teak wood and linen fabric and is such a great piece. The styling on the ottoman completes the look! You can shop a similar terra-cotta planter here.

Now on to those shelves! The first step was to stagger the height of the shelves. Because there are so many of them, we didn't want it looking like a giant grid on the wall. We adjusted them quite a bit to get the perfect look! All the accessories are from our LDCO Shoppe or from our styling inventory that we use for our full-service projects.

We hope you've enjoyed the photo tour of this beautiful living room. Stay tuned for more of this project coming to the blog soon. To see the Ludlum master bedroom reveal, click here.


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