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Window Treatment Selections

We are so excited to give you an inside glimpse into our home today, and share some of our personal choices for window treatments.

This question comes up quite a bit during our in-home consultations: "What do you recommend for window treatments?" So much depends on the specific windows in your home. The simple answer is plush linen draperies, linen roman shades, or a minimal solar shade. A lot depends on the aesthetic you are trying to create. Drapes tend to feel more romantic and traditional. Roman shades have the same feel, except they are slightly more minimal. Solar shades have a modern feel to them. I don't really care for blinds or shutters. Blinds are not the prettiest, and plantation shutters cover up the entire window and are difficult to leave open. We are always all about letting as much natural light in as possible.

We incorporated motorized solar shades for our living room design. I really just wanted something simple and easy to use. We previously had blinds on these windows. Typically the very first thing I do in the morning is open up all the windows to let the light come in. The blinds were a pain to open and close each and every day. It involved plenty of climbing up on the sofa to get them all the way up. Now, I literally just push a button and they go up quickly and quietly.

We are partnered with Alva for all of our materials. We are so grateful to our sponsors for making this welcomed change possible. For the solar shade, I selected a 1% Solar Shade which provides 99% UV Blockage in the "White Linen" material. Although a solar shade tends to be more modern, this material has a beautiful linen-look that helped soften the shades.

As for our dining room, we went with classic 100% linen, privacy lined drapes in the fabric "Oatmeal." It has such a timeless look! We always hang them just below the crown molding- this helps to elongate the room.

We hope you've enjoyed this quick window treatment tour. To see some of our completed projects, click here. If you think you might have a project that is a good fit for us, feel free to submit an Inquiry Form. We look forward to hearing from you!


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