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Project Reveal: Modern Lake House Living Spaces

We are so thrilled to be revealing another one of our full service, finished projects! This home was situated right on the lake with large windows & beautiful views all throughout the home. Our clients had recently completed a large scale renovation, so we were thrilled to be able to match the beauty of the hard finishes with the furniture pieces & accessories. Scroll through to see some of our favorite views throughout this home.

Living Room:

This living room had beautiful A-framed ceilings, so we really wanted to integrate two dedicated seating areas- one more for a conversation area/drinking coffee, and the other for lounging, watching tv, and relaxing.

The charcoal, plaster fireplace already made such a huge statement to the living room- all it was missing was some necessary accessories and shelf styling to bring the look together.

Our goal was to make the home feel approachable and cohesive; we did that by incorporating earthy tones, but with a modern approach. We brought in the wool rug & cowhide that added additional layers to the space, and of course we can never get enough of those throw pillows- they are a combination of are linen, wool, and mud cloth. Once again, it is all about balance. Creating different levels is an important tool to keep the eye moving. One way we were able to achieve that was with height, specifically this textured table lamp shown here.

Dining Room:

In addition to the living room, we also wanted to tie in the dinging room with the earthy modern vibe. I feel that the focal point of this room is this beautiful artwork we selected. It aligns perfectly with the modern aesthetic we were going for!

We hope you have enjoyed this tour of the main spaces of our Modern Lakehouse project. Stay tuned for more of this home coming to the blog soon. To see more project reveals, click here.


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