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Project Reveal: Misty Dr. Primary Bedroom

We are sharing another reveal today- this time, a primary bedroom space. When it comes to furnishing a home, often times the primary bedroom falls low on the priority list. Here at Laura Design & Co, we like to have the opposite mentality. We believe the primary bedroom is one of the very first places you should begin with in order to create a retreat for yourself, since YOU are actually the one living there. Scroll through to see the photo tour of this completed project.

The overall theme for this bedroom was traditional & timeless. We used blues, peaches, greens, grays & white for the color palette, which we pulled from the oversized landscape artwork over the bed.

The dresser is one of my favorite pieces in the room. It has these unique brass & acrylic handles that add another level to the design. We brought in a beautiful hand-knotted wool rug a laid it vertically in the room, instead of horizontally which we usually do. The rug had just the right colors we were looking for to tie everything together, and truly laid the foundation for the room. We made sure all of the textiles and accessories complimented the design.

Every primary bedroom needs a reading nook! This just provides a nice corner for some down time & relaxation. This accent chair is constructed out of a plush, boucle fabric, which we are seeing quite a bit of currently. We are here for it!

This bedroom would not be complete without a good set of blackout drapes. Everyone needs to sleep in once in a while. We prefer blackout drapes for this very reason- simply slide them shut to get that necessary shut-eye.

This oversized ottoman at the end of the bed conculudes the look for this room. We needed something dark to add depth and balance to the space- it did just that!

This concludes the photo tour of this beautiful bedroom. To see more of this project, click here. If you think you might have a project that is a good fit for us, feel free to submit an Inquiry Form. We look forward to hearing from you!


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