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Today we are sharing a photo tour of one of our recent installs! We styled each room and brought in accessories, furniture, and artwork to complete this home. This home had been recently renovated, and was already beautiful to begin with. Our clients just needs some help with furnishings and styling. It is always our goal to mix beautiful components with functionality to create a unique, but livable space. Each room must flow to the next, without competing with one another.

We started off with the first room you see when walking in the front door: the living room. Keeping in mind a clean, transitional aesthetic, we got to work!

Complete with layers of texture, cozy furniture and a dreamy color palette, this living room makes you want to soak up every detail. We finished off the mantle with this artwork that added the perfect, final touch to the room. The colors are just right!

If you haven't seen the Samsung Frame TV that doubles as artwork, here it is! It really does make a big impact. TV's in general are not very aesthetically pleasing to look at, so one that looks like artwork when the tv is not on is a win for us. This particular view even coordinated with our artwork.

We love the open concept of this home, especially looking into the kitchen from the living room.

Next up is the kitchen, and it's a beauty.

This particular piece of artwork in the breakfast nook area went along perfectly with the kitchen scheme and colors.

The kitchen accessories are from our LDCO Shoppe! We enjoy using unique yet functional pieces in all of our kitchens we design and style.

Stay tuned for more of the Abrams Project reveal coming soon. You can see our latest Hampshire Kitchen reveal here.


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