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Five Friday Favorites: Spring is Here!

It is time for a 5 Friday Favorites Post, a place to share what I have be drawn to lately, whether it be design, fashion or every day inspiration! I am loving all things spring right now, including the warmer temperatures, longer days, and beautiful blooms.

1. Plaster Hoods

Currently obsessing over plaster vent hoods. These hoods add so much character to a kitchen. They have a smooth texture and are more simplistic in nature. I am all about that minimal look, and these certainly provide that with their beautiful, smooth flow!

Design: Murphy Mears Architects, Photo: Julie Soefer

There's just something special about really good hand soap for your bathroom and kitchen sinks. These Savon hand soaps are made in France and have the tiniest hint of a floral smell to them. This soap and lotion set here leaves your hands feeling soft & smooth.

With our three kids playing two sports each, we spend a lot of time running them around on Saturdays to all of their games. My adidas tennis shoes help get me through those long days on my feet.

This dining table is a great kid-friendly option and it's very affordable! It has a light colored, matte stain/finish to it and cleans up easily.

5. Faux plants: For those who do not have a green thumb like me, here are a few great faux options for your shelves, countertops, or nightstands. Faux ferns are a great way to add in a touch of greenery to your interior. Here is a large option, and a smaller option.

Photo from our Ludlum Project

I hope you all have a wonderful Friday and weekend and are able to enjoy some time with your families!

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