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Elevated Abode Reveal, Part 1

Today we are sharing our most recent project reveal, Elevated Abode. We had the pleasure of furnishing the home following an extensive renovation. The entire home went under quite the transformation in a relatively short amount of time- the results are truly elevated and character-filled! We will focus on the first rooms you see when entering the house, the entry area and dining room. Scroll through to see photos and details of this completed home!

Complete with light-stained herringbone floors and a U-shaped hallway, we decided to incorporate repeating brass pendants to embrace the footprint of the entry area. No entry rug was necessary so that we could highlight the herringbone patterned floors specific to the entryway. We kept the staircase simple by choosing Black Magic by Sherwin Williams for the hand railing. It really is magic what this color can do! As always, we incorporated vintage pieces, like the convex mirror, framed textiles, and bench throughout the home for added character.

The repeating brass pendants are continued on the other side of the entry area. This hallway was quite large so we needed some good statement pieces, like the oversized artwork, entry console, and vintage runner. I always love incorporating a mirror close to the front door. It provides the perfect opportunity to check yourself before heading out the door! No space is complete without some sort of greenery, like this faux olive tree here.

This brings us to my favorite room of the house: the formal dining room. I love that you see it right away upon entering the home. It has a very traditional but fresh, present day feel to it, without looking too fancy. The dining table was custom made by one of our local craftsman. It's rich stain color provides some much needed contrast between the white walls and lightly-stained flors.

We were debating between the end chairs at the dining table, on either keeping them the same, or changing them up. Which option do you prefer? I almost lean towards the different ones. Overall, both options are beautiful and work well in the space!

The brass chandelier provides so much warmth and interest to the room, and ties in with the brass mirror over the fireplace.

Moving throughout the room, you will find details are key, just like the faux shagreen texture on this chest. It makes for a perfect corner vignette.

We kept the artwork simple and incorporated blue floral prints to compliment the blue tones in the rug and charcoal drapes. Even the light-colored frames are a nod to the light woven wood roman shades. The accessories are a mix of old and new, wood and ceramics, solids and patterns. Balance is always key!

We hope you have enjoyed this project reveal! Stay tuned for part 2 of our Elevated Abode Project coming to the blog soon. If you think you might be interested in our design services, click here to book a consultation.


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