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Current Design Inspiration

Inspiration can be found anywhere. We look to nature, travels, online photography, and good old fashioned books for finding something that speaks to us. The inspiration phase is vitally important to the design process. For all of our projects, we begin with gathering inspiration and creating a private pinterest board for our clients to collaborate on. This helps us to hone in on what our clients' specific style may be and guide them throughout the project. We may have an initial idea of what we want to incorporate but it always comes backs to our mood boards, and if it works with the general aesthetic we are creating. Today I am sharing inspiration photos from our current projects we are working on. Each speaks to me in one way or another.

1. Hardwood Floors & Banister Design. I'm obsessed with this stain color on the hardwood floors- it's closer to it's natural color and has enough warmth in it to feel inviting. The iron balusters are such a clean, streamlined design. We are using something very similar in one of our projects to update a 90's style banister as well as replace all downstairs flooring.

Design by Emily Henderson

2. Cozy & Layered Living Rooms. I truly believe the key to a cozy living room is layer upon layer upon layer. It is the attention to detail and creating of these layers that gives the room an intimate feel. You want the sofa to almost say, "Come sit down!" I really enjoy incorporating different sized pillows and linen throws to help create that feeling.

Design by West of Main

Design by Lark & Linen

3. Cabinet Lighting. The picture lights or cabinet lights really work to add another layer of dimension and intention to any wall. Again, its just that extra touch that helps elevate the tone for the space. I'm loving everything about this living room.

4. Vintage, reclaimed entry table. Every home needs a defined entry space. One way we are able to implement this is by incorporating vintage pieces that mean something special to our clients. Not everything needs to be new. We recently refinished an entry table similar to this one below. It is not only beautiful, but it brings in so much character to the space.

Design by Angela Wheeler

5. Reclaimed Beams. There's just something about the combination of crisp white walls and reclaimed beams that gives the perfect sense of balance.

Design: Atelier AM

I hope everyone's week is off to a great start, and that you are all able to take some time this week to gather inspiration in one way or another for your own homes.




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