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California Cool Reveal, Part 3

Today's post is all about the main retreat of our California Cool Project, the Primary Bedroom. From removing odd built-ins, to paint, new flooring, window treatments and furniture, this room went through a drastic change. Our goal was to give this room a calm, relaxed indoor/outdoor vibe filled with layers of neutrals and textures. Scroll through to see the finishing touches of this full service project.

Starting off, we got to work by removing what can only be described as a very odd built-in. We weren't entirely sure what it was for, but it appeared to be some sort of large dog bed extending out from one of the corners. We just needed a fresh, clean slate for all the new furniture, so new floors + paint were a must. The wall paint color is one of our LDCO favorites: White Flour by Sherwin Williams. It is a beautiful soft white that's not too stark.

The focal point for the room was a combination of the ombre wooden bead chandelier, and artwork over the bed. From that, we pulled the turquoise and blue colors into the accent pillows and accessories.

Creating a luxurious bedding situation is all about using layer upon layer upon layer. 100% organic cotton sheets, a plush duvet, and linen throw pillows are some of the components we use to achieve that. If we are installing a king sized bed, we like to stack four king sized pillows, then layer the accent pillows in the front. We love the added brass detail on the legs of this bed! Every extra detail makes a difference- all of these details make up the final design.

Lastly, we believe every primary bedroom needs blackout + motorized drapes and a reading nook. Those two components make such a huge difference in creating that retreat-like vibe. We always tend to be drawn to classic pieces that do not go out of style, such as linen, velvet, wool, teak, solid wood, etc. We used all of those items in this project for a fresh, yet classic design.

We hope you have enjoyed part 3 our California Cool Project Reveal! More to come soon! If you think you might be interested in our design services, click here to book a consultation.

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Kay Walton
Kay Walton
Oct 29, 2021

Focused, fresh, and fabulous!

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