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A Guide to Kids' Bedrooms

Today we are not only revealing more of our California Cool Project, but we are also sharing how we tackle design for kids' spaces! Children always hold a special place in our hearts- we love fostering their creativity and finding unique ways to make their rooms feel special. Scroll through to read about four ways you can create a cohesive and fun kid's space!

1. Custom Built-in Bunk Beds. First of all, we always focus on the hard finishes (or anything attached to the walls, floors, etc.) Any type of built-in bunk will instantly add character and something extra to the room. We incorporated a small space underneath one of the bunks that we decided to turn into a cozy reading nook. Of course, we needed some reading shelves for both rooms for bedtime books. Shelfology had just what we needed!

We renovated the entire home and put these wide plank engineered oak floors throughout for a consistent base. We kept them in the bedrooms as well, then added plush rugs for comfort.

2. Patterns. One of best ways to make a room fun is to mix patterns. We worked with SO many different patterns in these rooms...plaid, stripes, buffalo check, grid, triangles, diamonds, etc. Even the details of the dressers, mirrors, roman shades, rugs, bedding, and pillows had a fun pattern. You really can go all out with the patterns as long as the colors tie in with one another. The more the merrier!

3. Colors. It is no secret that kids love color, and although we didn't use any bold reds, purples, etc. We used navy, orange, green, and some more muted versions of bold colors. We like to set the foundation with a neutral white wall, then add colors into the accessories! The wall color is one of our go-to's: White Flour by Sherwin Williams.

4. Desk Area. A built-in desk with some open shelves is always a good idea! Here kids can work on homework, color, create artwork and more. We like to keep the shelf-styling simple and minimal and allow kids to do the rest. Add in a lamp for evening hours, and a few jars for crayons to help with the creativity and you are set!

We hope you have enjoyed our Guide to Kids' Rooms! To see more of this project, click here. If you are interested in setting up a consultation, please submit our inquiry form here.

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Kay Walton
Kay Walton
13 ene 2022

Absolutely LOVE it!

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