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This week was a busy one for Laura Design & Co and needless to say we are ready for the weekend! We completed a massive, successful 2-day install. Because Install Days are so busy & involved, they tend to be few and far between. That being said, they are SO much fun! In design, I have really learned to stick with my gut. It is truly rewarding to see everything come together after months & months of preparation. Today's post is dedicated to things that have been inspiring me lately.

1. Putty/mushroom-colored kitchen cabinetry. We have renovated so many kitchens and painted many of them white. While I will always love white (it is such a classic kitchen color,) I am really feeling drawn to this English- country aesthetic. It has so much depth to it and just seems so sophisticated. We are currently painting our flip house cabinetry a similar color. Can't wait to share the results!

Design by Light & Dwell

Design by Coco & Jack

2. Soapstone Counter Tops. Soapstone is gorgeous. Like marble, I have always loved it, especially using it in a unique area such as a drink station or an island as an accent stone. Did you know that you can oil it to make it darker and hide any scratches/ imperfections? To me, beauty is in the imperfections. I'm all about it! Pair it with brass for an amazing contrast.

3. Thick grout lines- in a good way! I love the thick grout differentiation between each row of tiles, then minimal grout lines between each tile side by side. Good design is all in the details and this shower gives me all the feels. I wouldn't want to get out!

4. Dark Green Linen Curtains. I recently just finished up an E-design for a guest bedroom with similar green linen drapes. Talk about a welcoming & inviting space for your guests. Every room in your home is an opportunity for thoughtful design and guest rooms are no exception.

5. A touch of Vintage. With today's 2-day delivery, get everything now-mentality, sometimes it is good to slow down and appreciate the beauty of timeless pieces. Good design is not NOW, it takes time. Most things today are not made like they used to be, with love and care. While I would obviously never say, don't buy anything new, I think incorporating things that mean something or that are passed down in your family will give you that special feeling of truly loving your home.

Design by Amber Interiors

Happy Friday everyone! I hope you take some time to appreciate/find that special vintage piece for your home. Have a lovely weekend!



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Lisa L
Lisa L
Apr 03, 2023

I'd love to know the manufacturer of the tiles and the name.

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