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One of our #1 most frequently asked questions is...what color paint should I use in my home?? Here at Laura Design & Co, we've got you covered! It is no surprise that white is our go-to color for interior spaces. While gray is a very common choice, we say, Go Bold and do something different. White not only elongates your rooms and makes your ceilings seem taller, but is an instant mood lifter as well. So skip the drab colors and go lighter and brighter. Once you do, you will have that great foundation that you can build upon by adding natural textures and colorful accents.

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Laura Design and Co's favorite white paint colors

Here are some examples in homes we have worked on...

​Laura Design and Co's favorite paint colors.
Laura Design and Co favorite white paint color​  ​
Laura Design and Co's Favorite White paint colors
Laura Design and Co favorite gray paint color​  ​

Want to stick with a gray shade? Classic Gray is a great option!

~Always make sure you paint a sample on your walls and look at it at different times of the day to get an idea of the true color.

Live Beautifully, Laura

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