Styling a kitchen countertop or workspace can sometimes be a challenge, especially if you find there may be too many items collected over time; however, there are some easy tricks of the trade that can help one to style their home beautifully.

First, start with a clean slate and take everything off your counters. This will help you to look back and revaluate what exactly you may want to use to help your kitchen look beautiful and add functionality.

I would start with adding ceramic or stainless steel crockery to store wooden spoons, spatulas and other useful kitchen utensils. If I am displaying them on the counter tops, I strictly limit them to wooden tones only. (All the other metal and black ones can go in the drawer.) If you are wanting to add a glass canister look to your counter I would suggest varied heights filled with flour and sugar to give a clean, but yet, easy access to baking those chocolate chip cookies (yum!)

Another way to get creative is to search your home for pretty cookbooks! You would be surprised how many books look great just by removing the plastic covering on them. Use these books to style an open shelf or stack them neatly on your countertops.

I have always loved adding different elements of wood tones and texture to any space. Specifically for kitchens, cutting boards in different shapes grouped together and propped against your back splash will add so much warmth. You could then include a small potted plant to incorporate greenery. I always say, "Greenery adds SO much to any space!" Bowls filled with lemons, or other fruits/vegetables will add just the right amount of color as well. One special touch that I use in almost every kitchen project is a copper kettle!

By the sink, I love the look of vintage apothecary soap dispensers filled with your favorite soap scent. You cannot go wrong with the smell of lemon in a kitchen! Hand towels as well, bring an added texture that I enjoy. I am particularly drawn to the look of stripes or a simple pattern. Potted rosemary or different herbal plants by the sink or window can really bring life into the kitchen and also add a great practical, cooking element.

For open glass cabinets, marble cake stands with pretty saucers, pitchers, colanders or dishes stacked on top of each other give a great layered look. Even simply displaying your serving ware or pretty dishes that you have on hand will really add that personal touch to your home. If you have all white dishes on hand, then even better! Overall just remember to keep it simple! In this case, less is more. Lastly, nothing beats the warmth of having family in your kitchen and truly enjoying your space to cook in.




Born and raised in Southern California, interior designer, Laura Christian gathers a great deal of inspiration from those beautiful coasts of sunny California. Known for their classic, collected, laid-back style, her and her husband Josh opened a Flower Mound based interior design firm where they could bring that touch of California to Texas. Laura loves translating that light and bright, classic aesthetic throughout her work and assisting all of her clients to Live Beautifully. 


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