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With Christmas quickly approaching, I thought I would throw in a few gift ideas today along with some favorite images from a recent project reveal. This was such an exciting week as I was published for the first time! This was a small, but encouraging step to my little design business.

1. Favorite details. It really is "all in the details," and I can't get enough of the detailing with the wood beams on this ceiling from a recent project. It makes a big statement, right when you walk in the room.

Dining room design by Laura Design and Co, Dallas based interior designer

2. Favorite gift ideas for him/her. Josh and I are so bad about waiting till Christmas to give each other our gifts. By the time we get to Christmas we have already gotten all of our gifts. Hopefully we will be able to wait and surprise each other with at least one gift this year! I recently got these men's shoes for Josh and think they look great! They are an upgrade to what he was wearing before. Also, these Madewell pants are amazing and so comfy! I seriously wear them all the time. Definitely worth the investment. One more idea is this Yeti rambler mug, I actually have it in this Tiffany blue color but love the white look as well. I love that it has the lid which is so great for around kids. The kids are always grabbing my arms so I was always spilling coffee in my regular mugs. Problem solved.

3. These wooden decorative objects are from McGee and Co and were the perfect addition to this coffee table. They really helped bring the room together.

Coffee table styling by Laura Design and Co, Flower Mound based interior designer

4. One of my favorite features of this room is the addition of those deep orange velvet pillows. It adds just the right amount of color to the room!

Bedroom design by Laura Design and Co, Dallas based interior designer

5. I've mentioned before that my favorite flowers are hydrangeas and my favorite greenery to use are eucalyptus. I love to throw an arrangement together for my home and here's how: I gather the arrangement in my hand and make sure everything is the right height, trimming the stems to achieve this. I actually prefer them to look a little messy, not perfectly put together. Then I place them in a glass vase. For this one, I added some Christmas greenery to it to go with the Christmas decor in my home...and that's it!

Flower arrangement by Laura Design and Co, Flower Mound interior designer

Happy weekend everyone!! We will be attending our first Christmas party tonight:)

Live Beautifully,


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