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This week has been so much fun, as my in-laws are visiting! My mother in law has literally been cooking every single meal for us, she is the best! This busy wife, mom, and entrepreneur couldn't be more thankful for all the help. They are here for the rest of the week, then come back for another visit in two weeks, so yay! Here are my #5FridayFavorites for the week...

1. There are so many things I love about this formal dining room, but just to name a few, those floor to ceiling curtains, the standing mirror, that beautiful chandelier, the bench, and that rug! I think this type of low-pile rug is very practical for a dining room, especially with young kids, (we all know what kind of messes they can make).

dining room design by laura design and co, Dallas based interior designer

2. This is one of my favorite shirts from Nordstrom here! I personally love the color black and always find myself drawn to it. It's just so classy! (No, I don't think it's depressing.) Here is a picture from one of my latest installs.

bedroom design by Laura Design and Co, Flower Mound based interior designer

3. I am loving boots right now for obvious reasons, being how cool it has gotten. This is my first fall in TX so I am really enjoying how much cooler it is than California, along with all of the rain we've been getting. (I will always be a California girl at heart though.) You can't go wrong with a neutral pair of flats too!

4. On that note, I have to show off this pillow cover! I have used it over and over on many projects and love the fun texture it brings to the space. It is actually from H&M home! I can't get enough of the tassel detailing on the corners! It somehow reminds me of the magic carpet from Aladdin ;)

bedroom design by Laura Design and Co, Dallas based interior designer

5. I mean, look at these books. First of all, I love them just for the color they bring to a space, but secondly, these books are so good and such classics. I personally love Anne of Green Gables and grew up watching the movie with my family, so it holds a very special place in my heart. I featured these books in a little girl's room which I will be revealing soon! And of course, the bookends are just too cute.

bedroom design by Laura Design and Co, Dallas based interior designer

Have a great weekend!

Live Beautifully,


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