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It has been a while since I've done a "5 Friday Favorites" post, but today I'm feeling extra inspired because of our Flip House that we are working on. Work had come to a complete halt for quite a while in light of everything going on. We are so excited to get back on track and get it completed. Our contractor and his team have been hard at work there this week, working on all the framing, sheet rock, and installing all new windows. I decided to dedicate an entire blog post of my favorite home exterior choices for our Flip House.

Here is our mood board for the theme of the house:

1. Exterior Paint Color: Soot by Benjamin Moore. This color has just the right shade of charcoal with the tiniest hint of blue. As much as I love a classic white house, I am thrilled to go DARK with this one. It just feels right for this particular shotgun-style house. I am 99% sure I will be keeping the front door and window trim the same dark color as well. (Every now and then I think I may go with a white trim instead, but for now, dark it is.)

Laura Design and Co, Dallas interior designer favorite dark paint color

2. House numbers: these are so important to adding character and charm to your home and obviously, being able to clearly identify your address. I'm debating between these two options. These aged brass numbers will really stand out against the dark exterior and have more of that traditional feel. These brushed aluminum numbers have more of a modern aesthetic. Both are beautiful! I think I'm leaning more towards the brass option.

3. Outdoor Sconce: because this is a flip house, we opted for this affordable lantern style sconce in brushed nickel. I think it works perfectly for the look we are going for and doesn't break the bank ;) We will install one at the front door, and another one at the back door.

Laura Design & Co exterior light inspiration

4. Entry door handle set: Nothing gives a good first impression like your front door! It is worth it to invest a little extra in your front door view to create curb appeal and really make you LOVE your home. I selected this simple, clean-lined, modern door handle set in satin nickel.

5. You cannot forget greenery for your front porch. We are going with this option here. This is a gorgeous, earthy, terra-cotta textured planter, that you can use for either a tree, or potted flowers, and really get your green-thumb on!

We cannot wait to get this project finished up, photographed, and sold! We gutted the entire home, and completely redesigned the overall really feels like our baby. It is going to be such a great little house for a little family. You better believe I have been thinking of them as I've designed the home. Looking forward to sharing more with you all, but for now, Happy Friday!



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